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APT Pressure Testing

Advanced Acoustic Pressure Testing

The advanced pressure test system owned and operated by MTS Contracting Ltd it measures the temperature change of all the air in the pipe  using acoustics. A loudspeaker and microphone are placed inside the pipe and a pulse echo technique is used to measure the sound speed. The speed of sound varies with temperature, which is used very effectively to determine average changes down to 0.001c. This data is then used to compensate for pressure readings.

The APT system uses a computer systems and software to make all the intricate but necessary calculations for pressure and temperature which allows for fast accurate notification if the pipeline will pass or fail the test.

The pressure testing software has built in creep compensation algorithms, based on known knowledge of PE80, PE100 and Steel pipeline material behaviour as per MSL/1 and DIS 5.5.1.

The system is included in most gas pipeline owners MSL documents as well as IGEM.

AAPT pressure testing

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

MTS-Contracting can carry out hydrostatic testing on a wide range of pipeline assets and equipment for the water and gas industry's including:

  • Water bath heaters.

  • Pipeline testing (type 1 and type 2 for Water).

  • Pipeline testing.

  • Testing pressure vessels.

  • Equipment revalidation.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Pneumatic Pressure Testing

MTS-Contracting can carry out pneumatic testing on a wide range of pipeline assets and equipment for the gas industry including:

  • LP mains

  • MP mains

  • IP mains

  • Testing pressure vessels

  • Equipment revalidation

Pneumatic pressure testing
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