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Pre-Insulated Pipework

MTS Contracting can supply, install and test new or replacement below ground pre-insulated pipework.

Other uses for these systems are:

  • Heat pump below ground pipework.

  • Gas boiler water heater systems.

  • District Heating.

  • Main’s cold water.

  • Boosted cold water.

  • Cooling systems.

  • Air sourced heat pump flow and return

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Pre-insulated pipework

Pumped Rising Sewer, Rainwater Recovery & Irrigation Mains

We can also install pumped rising mains in PE Pipework. These mains are installed from the pumps set to the drainage well through to discharge point at the manhole and tested to all current standards.

Rainwater recovery pipe work is installed by us. Pipe work can be installed from the harvesting tank and into the plant room  and ready for connection to pumps.

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fire mains, rainwater recovery and rising sewer

Pipework Installation Services

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