Flow Stopping

Flow stopping provides you with the opportunity to isolate a section of your pipeline whilst essential repair and maintenance work is carried out. This method uses a drilling to create a hole in the pipe line whilst under pressure, then a plugging head or bag is lowered in to the pipeline to stop the flow of the product.

For PE pipelines a bag or a squeeze off is used. A squeeze off uses the plastic of the pipe to make the seal once the pipe is squeezed flat this can be carried out on MDPE, HDPE and other plastics.

The Systems we have are:

  • Squeeze off up to 500mm for up to 2bar.

  • Sureeze off up to 315mm for up to 7bar Gas.

  • Stopple (folding and Fixed).

  • Iris Stop.

  • MLS Bag stop for MP Gas.

  • Bag off up to 48" for LP Gas.

Please contact us for more infomation.

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