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Flow Stopping

Flow stopping provides you with the opportunity to isolate a section of your pipeline whilst essential repair and maintenance work is carried out. This method uses a drilling to create a hole in the pipe line whilst under pressure, then a plugging head or bag is lowered in to the pipeline to stop the flow of the product.


MTS Contracting is one of only a few companies offering squeeze off across the PE size and pressure range in the UK below is a table showing our capabilities and pressure ranges.


The Systems we have are:

  • Squeeze off from 16mm to 500mm for up to 2bar.

  • Squeeze off  from 63mm to 315mm for up to 7bar IP Gas.

  • Stopple (folding and Fixed).

  • Iris Stop.

  • MLS Bag stop for MP Gas.

  • Bag off up to 48" for LP Gas.

Please contact us for more infomation.

squeeze off table
Flowstop Squeeze off

Flow Stop Solutions

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