APT Pressure Testing Update.

APT pressure test carried out at 7bar on a 760mm steel the test was completed in 42hours this was a saving 57hours. Contact us for information on our other services including the APT testing for pipework up to 7bar and lengths up to 11km as this system can reduce the testing times as calculated in the MSL1 documents this means you can get critical supplies up and running faster. #testing #mtscontracting #apt

Great News The APT is Back

MTS Contracting ltd are pleased to announce that we have acquired the rights and intellectual property of the APT pressure testing equipment from the liquidators of Hydra-valve advanced valve & pipeline solutions ltd. This will allow us to build and develop the equipment and make it available for use again in the gas industry to reduce testing times for the final tightness test. When we have the equipment up and running we will be able to offer the service please cont

Sad News

It is with our saddest regret that we must inform you all that Tony Smith Passed away on Thursday the 8th of August aged 58 after being diagnosed with cancer last year. He will be dearly missed by all who have worked with him over the years and his family. MTS will continue Tony’s Legacy and build on our experience in supplying services to the utilities industry. #mtscontracting